AUGUST 12, 2017

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Camp DiversAbility is a community volunteer-based leadership program for 9 heart based adults with alternate abilities, formerly known as special needs. Larger this year, they are seeking an additional female leader and two male leaders, plus a lifeguard. Room and board are included.

The individuals in our program are all very independent but may have gaps in their learning, which is where the leaders will suggest support strategies. There is no special training required other than being able to dedicate a week to care, mentor and look for ways to help our campers shine their lights and talents.

We are looking for fun, vivacious, outgoing, intuitive and creative individuals. This opportunity will be packed with magic and has the potential to teach you to look at life in a whole new way.

If you cannot dedicate a week, and you feel inclined to contribute in other ways or lead a segment that you think we may be interested in, please let us know. And if you see us during your stay at camp, say hi and connect with us, we guarantee you will not regret it.

For more info: Contact Yvonne Bloom at ybsupport@rogers.com

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Barbara Herring

This is a program of exploration of the world around us and within through simple movement to a variety of world music. Dances are relaxing and playful, uniting us in mind, body and spirit.

No experience or partners needed! Bring drums, stories or dances to share, scarves and sacred objects to adorn our dance area.

Facilitator Barbara Herring has led Sacred Circle Dance since 1996. She has led dance events in Ontario, BC and the USA. Barbara brings a sense of calm, joy and reverence to the dance.

Book early, enrollment is limited to 35.

Info: Barbara at 705-748-6886 or barbfish1@sympatico.ca

Program fee: $60.00

Diane Bosman and Lynn Torrie

Enjoy the beauty and fellowship of Unicamp, while discovering your inner storyteller in this fun and practical workshop. You will learn how to choose and tell a traditional folktale, first to a partner and later to a small and friendly audience. You will explore some of the unique considerations for telling stories for worship or religious education.

This workshop is open to those with no experience at all, as well as those who have taken their first steps into storytelling and wish to learn new stories and further develop their skills. Diane Bosman is an accomplished storyteller who has been telling stories and leading workshops for 25 years.

At present at the Untied Church’s General Council Office, she also coaches a worship storytelling team at First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto.

Lynn Torrie is a professional storyteller and is experienced in leading workshops for adults. She has performed in the Toronto Storytelling Festival in 2015 and 2016 and regularly hosts Storytent at Wychwood Barns. With Diane, she coaches the storytelling team at First Unitarian Toronto and has offered workshops to beginning storytellers at First Unitarian and Mississauga congregations.

Maximum enrollment of 12.

For more info: torriestories@gmail.com

Program fee: $75.00

Ben Robins