AUGUST 10, 2017

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Hamilton / Guelph

Families from Hamilton and Guelph will be our special guests this week but of course, everyone is welcome! Book your spot early as this week is expected to fill up early!

Please check the SUMMER listings (starts on page 12 of the Brochure) for all the special programming taking place this week.

You can also use the online calendar for August to see what events are happening that week.  Click on the SWITCH TO EVENT LISTING VIEW to see the details about each event.

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(with volunteer opportunities)

Camp DiversAbility is a community volunteer-based leadership program for 9 heart based adults with alternate abilities, formerly known as special needs. Larger this year, they are seeking an additional female leader and two male leaders, plus a lifeguard. Room and board are included.

The individuals in our program are all very independent but may have gaps in their learning, which is where the leaders will suggest support strategies. There is no special training required other than being able to dedicate a week to care, mentor and look for ways to help our campers shine their lights and talents.

We are looking for fun, vivacious, outgoing, intuitive and creative individuals. This opportunity will be packed with magic and has the potential to teach you to look at life in a whole new way.

If you cannot dedicate a week, and you feel inclined to contribute in other ways or lead a segment that you think we may be interested in, please let us know. And if you see us during your stay at camp, say hi and connect with us, we guarantee you will not regret it.

For more info: Contact Yvonne Bloom at ybsupport@rogers.com

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Kinga Zak

Join Kinga Zak for 4 days of groovy movement suitable for the whole family!

Tuesday and Thursday: Body-Mind Groove for adults. Join in for a liberating time to be completely authentic, creative and expressive. Tune into your body through mindful exercises to identify areas where the energy is flowing and areas where it is blocked. Transform the blocked areas and feel the healing shift. Keep the energy flowing with authentic and creative dance. We will emphasize simple movements that rejuvenate the body, mind and creative spirit. As a group we are united by the movement and yet remain unique in our expression at the same time. No previous dance experience necessary. 1.5 hours.

Wednesday and Friday: Family Dance Groove: United but unique; there is no wrong way in Groove. For the cultivation of vibrant holistic health, for the mind, body, heart and soul. On the groove dance floor participants will connect with the group dynamic by unifying in a common simple movement or rhythm, but in their own way. The result is a delicious experience. Everyone can do it! It’s fun! 1 hour.  Dancer in Residence Kinga Zak is trained in the Groove Method of Dance and is also a Certified Transformative Mindfulness practitioner through the University of Toronto. Kinga will also be offering Reiki treatments at $25/hour.

For more info: www.kingazak.com or 289-339-7812.

Program fee: Free.

Ben Robins
9:30am   to

Parents can relax and enjoy 2.5 hours of programming from 9:30 to noon for children aged 3 to 12.

Program Fee: $48 for 4 days or $12/day. Includes a snack.

HST Applicable

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