AUGUST 7, 2017

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Hamilton / Guelph

Families from Hamilton and Guelph will be our special guests this week but of course, everyone is welcome! Book your spot early as this week is expected to fill up early!

Please check the SUMMER listings (starts on page 12 of the Brochure) for all the special programming taking place this week.

You can also use the online calendar for August to see what events are happening that week.  Click on the SWITCH TO EVENT LISTING VIEW to see the details about each event.

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(with volunteer opportunities)

Camp DiversAbility is a community volunteer-based leadership program for 9 heart based adults with alternate abilities, formerly known as special needs. Larger this year, they are seeking an additional female leader and two male leaders, plus a lifeguard. Room and board are included.

The individuals in our program are all very independent but may have gaps in their learning, which is where the leaders will suggest support strategies. There is no special training required other than being able to dedicate a week to care, mentor and look for ways to help our campers shine their lights and talents.

We are looking for fun, vivacious, outgoing, intuitive and creative individuals. This opportunity will be packed with magic and has the potential to teach you to look at life in a whole new way.

If you cannot dedicate a week, and you feel inclined to contribute in other ways or lead a segment that you think we may be interested in, please let us know. And if you see us during your stay at camp, say hi and connect with us, we guarantee you will not regret it.

For more info: Contact Yvonne Bloom at ybsupport@rogers.com

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FREE BBQ on Saturday

Come for a fun weekend of special activities or kick back, relax, and enjoy the weekend renewing friendships or making new ones in true Unicamp fashion.

Join Unicamp board member Jane Nares for a Town Hall discussion on Saturday morning and then enjoy a free BBQ with the staff and board (on Saturday, please book ahead to ensure all are fed!)

A Saturday Night Dance, Sunday Service, Young Adults social gathering, Board Meeting and a special Sunday Night Coffee House round out the weekend.

Ben Robins

We’ll begin by sharing what we each mean by spirituality, and then go from there.  I will offer improv structures that help us to discover new rituals and maybe even rediscover old ones.  We might connect more deeply with ourselves, with each other, and with something larger.

Ben Robins is a divinity school student and playful improviser.

Program fee: Free.

Musician-in-Residence Susanne Maziarz

Susanne hopes to bring people’s hearts and souls together in song to create community building, soulful expression, connecting our voices with others’, giving wings to the spirit as an alternative to traditional meditation and facilitating joy and well-being.

Suzanne is the Music Director of Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Toronto.

For more info: smaziarz@hotmail.com.

Program fee: Free.

Nathan Bragg

Theatre for Change uses improv techniques to explore and discuss life’s issues, and – importantly – engages and empowers audiences to workshop potential solutions. 

Nathan Bragg is a Toronto-based filmmaker with over 15 years of experience as an actor, improviser and comedian.

Info: n8bragg@gmail.com.

Program fee: Free.

(Ages 14-18)

Calling all Unitarian youth and friends – come join us at the Unicamp Youth Weekend for lots of fun and outdoor activities! Open to all high school age participants (grades 9 -12 including those entering grade 9 in the fall) and their youth advisors.

This weekend is an opportunity to participate in workshops, foster friendships, and explore the power of coming together as a Unitarian Universalist Community.

If youth are planning to attend this program without a youth advisor from their congregation, please contact Unicamp so that we can connect you with a group. Please bring a tent and bedding or make tent-sharing arrangements with your friends; limited extra tent space will be available.

Advisors seeking more information can contact the dean at oliverdaseyspringer@gmail.com. An email from advisors with estimated numbers would be appreciated. Hope to see you there!

Program Fees: Youth $50, Advisors Free.

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Join our leaders for an adventure that challenges your limits, supports selfdiscovery, exploration, understanding of our connection with nature, and creates long-lasting bonds! We begin the program at Unicamp in the Group Campsite, dedicated to team building, leadership development, as well as learning the wilderness skills necessary to thrive in the outdoors. Skills covered will include canoeing, fire building, knot tying, outdoor cooking, navigation, earth care stewardship skills, and emergency preparedness.

After completing their training time at camp, participants will travel to the wilds of a provincial park where they will spend their time camping and adventuring in the wilderness. They will put their leadership, resilience, teamwork and wilderness skills into practice. Participants will then return to Unicamp for a debriefing and celebration of their accomplishments.

A team of three leaders with lifeguarding, canoe instruction, and wilderness first aid certifications will supervise youth. While  emergency evacuation procedures will be in place in case of medical concern or inclement weather, due to the remote nature of this program, participation is not open to those with life-threatening allergies or medical conditions.

Fee: $725.

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