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Unicamp Newsletter, July 2017

Hello Unicamp friends... Summer is here and we are gearing up for the start of Children's Camps and CIT/LIT programs: 

  • July 2-8: Staff Training Week
  • July 8: Seasonal Campers Meet-the-Staff and Potluck Lunch
  • July 9-29: Children's Camp and CIT/LIT programs
  • July 30-Aug. 4: Junior Youth ("Jouth") Week.
Please refer to pages 7 and 8 of the 2017 Unicamp brochure for details about our children's camps and youth programming schedules. Click here to access the brochure. As of July 7, registration is full for all three weeks of children's camps.

Please note: Camp is closed to outside visitors during the 3 weeks of Children’s Camp and Junior Youth week, this includes day visitors. For seasonal campers who are on site, swimwear is required on both beaches during these four weeks.
Bunks await the Campers' arrival.

As we gear up for a new season of children's camps, we give thanks to last year's Children's Camp Staff for their hard work and dedication!

Thank You 2016 Children's Camp Staff !

Property Improvements

Property Manager Terry O'Sullivan and his crew have been hard at work on several projects, including:

A new rear deck for our Program Centre will provide additional programming space.

Karma (one of our goats-in-residence) oversees the construction of the new hutch that will provide shelter and sleeping quarters for him and his brother Tibi.

Upgrade and repair of the septic bed behind Rosie's cottage:

Completed last fall, this was a major undertaking.
As explained by Terry (seen below): "The Septic tank and drainage bed behind Rosie's is one of five such septic systems on camp property. It serves Dave's, the Program Centre and Rosie's. Another system serving Tom's, Nellie's and Summerhill was cleared and repaired in the fall of 2015 after it started backing up."

"There have been problems with the overgrown Rosie's system for a number of years due to moisture-loving poplar roots invading the weeping tile beds and pipes to the septic tank. Before Thanksgiving after extensive tree removal, the plugged forty year old clay tile bed was replaced with a bed of infiltrators with 4 times the drainage capacity of the original bed."

"The drainage bed was seeded in grass and will be mowed in the future to maintain a tree-free septic system."

The Emerald Ash Borer - A Threat to Our Trees

The Emerald Ash Borer is a very destructive, foreign and highly invasive forest pest that was accidentally introduced from Asia into the north-central United States. It was first detected in Southern Ontario in 2002 and has since spread north to become a very serious problem in Ontario’s cities, woodlots and forests. It is responsible for killing tens of millions of ash trees and it continues to spread. Our native ash trees have very little natural defense against these insects. 
The winged adult Emerald Ash Borer beetle lays its eggs specifically in the bark of ash trees. When the eggs hatch the larva burrow through the bark into the tree’s vascular tissue that carries water and nutrients between the roots and the leaves, creating extensive tunnels that destroy this layer of tissue, killing the tree. 
One of the most common ways that the emerald ash borer is unintentionally spread to new areas is through the transport of firewood or infected wood products carrying the eggs, larva or beetles. As a result, the transportation of firewood from one place to another is now restricted in many areas - including Unicamp. 

Please do not bring firewood of any kind into Unicamp.

We have a supply of firewood on hand for use by seasonal or occasional campers. A donation of $4 would be appreciated for this service.

-- WANTED: Full-sized BBQ --   

Unicamp is in need of a full-sized gas barbecue.
If you have a BBQ that you could donate, please email:

Did you know... ??

A volunteer Board of Directors is the legal governing body responsible for ensuring the sound management of Unicamp?

Are you:

  • 18 years of age or older?
  • a member in good standing of a church, congregation or a fellowship recognised by the Canadian Unitarian Council?
  • committed to help provide a safe & welcoming seasonal camp and spiritual retreat to a diverse community?
Consider serving on the Unicamp Board of Directors!

The Board depends on volunteer members to bring their passion, skills and experience to the following positions: 
Executive Committee Members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary;
Standing Committee Chairs: Property, Communications, Long-Range Planning, Seasonal Members, Youth.

If you are interested in playing a leadership role in our community and possess the skills and experience appropriate to one of the above positions, please consider a nomination to the Unicamp Board of Directors. High-demand skills include: financial management, HR, and policy development.

For more information about serving on our Board of Directors, please contact:

-- Obituary --

Audrey M. O'Callaghan
November 21, 1932 - June 12, 2017
An early supporter of Unicamp, Audrey first visited camp in 1968, and was soon involved in promotion, administration, and programming. Audrey's legacy at Unicamp includes helping to organize the first Unicamp Olympic Games, and establishing the long-running "Welcome the Crone" program.
Below is an obituary provided for the Unicamp community by Audrey's daughter Liane Knight Dubreuil
Audrey was a true Unitarian Universalist. She lived every day by the values of the principles of the UU Church. She promoted them, spoke of them and always tried to live by them. Unicamp was a very special spiritual place for her. Unicamp was free. A place for uniqueness, love and acceptance. A way to discuss the truth and values of life.

Audrey O’Callaghan (Knight) was a member of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa from 1964 to 1996, when she became a member of the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa (UUFO) until her death on June 12, 2017. She was RE Director of the UUFO, President of the UUFO, was a Lifespan Learning Consultant, and worked on the UUFO caring committee.
Audrey was very involved in Children’s RE at First Church (Ottawa). When she heard about Unicamp opening she ensured that she, Jack and her two children (David and Liane) were also involved. She began bringing her children to Unicamp in 1968, and after that first summer spent 1968-1976 promoting Unicamp by travelling around Ontario and Quebec with her husband and children, and then second husband and children. She visited congregations in Montreal, Pointe Claire, Toronto, Scarborough, St. Catherine’s and Hamilton. During that time she was also a teen advisor from 1971 to 1973, driving teenagers around to various events. She also assisted with the hiring of the Unicamp staff.

In 1975, Audrey was an assistant camp director, along with Elinor Knight (Leighton). At that point she moved to Southern Ontario. During 1975-1977 she continued to promote Unicamp and attend work and Thanksgiving weekends at Unicamp. In the late 70’s, Audrey and her second husband Gerry along with their blended family (Liane, Michael and Jennifer) organised an Olympic Game Weekend, which was a big hit. Later on, Audrey became a Life Span Consultant with the CUC and developed by herself, a curriculum for seniors 60 + called the Wise Elder Crones (later known as "Welcome the Crone"). This program has been implemented by the CUC and has been used over the years at Unicamp.

Audrey’s work at Unicamp resulted in beautiful friendships with a number of people who have since passed on but some are still alive. These were the true pioneers of Unicamp and I know that I might miss a few, but some of their names should be included. These women and men provided Audrey with knowledge, strength, commitment of faith and the true UU principles. They are as follows:
Barb Kulcher, Pauline MacDonald, Martin and Pat Keefe, Dottie Peebles, Heather MacDonald, Elinor Reid Knight (Leighton) and Art Leighton, John Hearn, Dorothy Lynch (Duff) and Morris Duff, Brock Rideout, Jeanette Cornelious, Edith Billington, Margaret King, and Fred Nixon.

-- Liane Knight Dubreuil, July, 2017.
-- Clouds Over Cow Pie Hill, July 2017 --

Unicamp Morning
Sun and sky kiss me; 
Clear water cradle me, 
Songsters in flight and frogs in bog, amuse me; 
And I?
Sing your praises –
Swear to look after you
Dimpling landscape
In the Honeywood.

Poem by Liane's father, Jack Knight (Audrey's first husband)